Sheri Bowers
678 Queen St. E.
(416) 830-7585

Life Long Goal: To continue working as an artist, in the most lucrative and least soul destroying fashion possible.
Skills and Attributes: The discipline to work to a deadline, independent and creative problem solving, willingness to work overtime, willingness to work at home, leadership, teaching skills, ability to work well in a team, ability to juggle multiple projects, strong attention to detail, a strong talent for developing and working in many different styles, ability to work with no supervision.
Art Experience: Freelance Art And Design, 1984-current. Artist
- Commissions for both individuals and Companies include: Drawing, Painting, Murals, Film and Theatre Make-up, Set Design, Jacket Design, Album Cover Design, Logo Design, Poster Design and Brochure Design.
Nexus TransMedia Corp, Jan. 1997-Oct. 1999. Creative Art Director

- Proficient in: Adobe PhotoShop 5, Corel Draw 8, Autodesk Animator Studio, and Deluxe Paint
- Training in: Windows 98, 3D Studio Max 2, Autodesk Sound Lab
- Duties included: independent learning of programs, participating in development meetings, development and documentation of procedures, teach programs and procedures to the other art staff, oversee design, style and quality, evaluate portfolios, supervise and evaluate all co-op students, maintain exceptional standards in my personal artwork (including: 2-D animation, logo design, interface design, illustration, painting, book cover design, preparing print ready artwork, and preparing artwork for digital output).

Lupine Entertainment, 1995-96. Graphic Artist
- Training in Photoshop 4, 3D Studio, Windows 95
- Duties included: Painting, illustration, original concept design.
Rivus Designs, 1992-94. Artist
- Duties included: painting original works on extremely expensive leather and suede clothing to be shown internationally.
Other Work Experience: Physically grueling farm work, Pony Rides at Chudleigh. s Apple Farm, Food Preparation and Retail at Mohawk Racetrack, Floral Design and Retail at Orchids . n Lace, Film and Video Extra, Bartending at Death In The Underground and Catered Functions.
Education: Schooling     - York University Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1994
(Courses including: Drawing, Painting, 2D Design, Print Making, Video, Theatre, Humanities, and Social Sciences)
-Milton District High School Grade 12 and OAC Diploma, 1990
Courses     - Blair Lancaster Modeling School
- Intermediate Level 3 Horseback riding with Thorncroft Stables
- Drawing with Albert Casson
- Painting with Bonnie Coulter
- Ontario Bartending School and S.I.P. Certification
Awards: - 1st Place drawing at Acton Fall Fair, 1983-87
- Top Visual Art Award, Brookville Public School, 1985
- Top Visual Art Award, Milton District High School, 1990
- Award of Excellence in Academic Achievement, 1986-90
- Entrance Scholarship to York University, 1990
Interests: Role Playing Games, Computer Games, Board Games, Darts, Movies, Reading, Conversation, Cooking, Perfecting the Martini, any and All art related activities.
Summary: My ambition has always been to work professionally as an artist. This desire has lead me to study drawing, painting and print making with a dedication not often seen in Public and High School students. In recent years the desire to receive a paycheque for what I love to do has lead me to study Digital Graphics. While I enjoy the challenge and advantages of working with a computer, it is still the love of art, which drives me on to excellence. With Nexus TransMedia Corp., I accepted the extra responsibility of supervising others and developing policy. Again, I enjoyed the challenge, and again, it is the desire to produce quality art that has remained my number one passion.

References available upon request